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One night after rehearsing at the old abandoned Playland we went down to check out the Family Dog on Ocean Beach. Leigh introduced us to Chet Helms and onstage there was an all woman band playing some very cool music. Chet said it was the Ace of Cups. I was impressed. They were an integral part of the music of the late 1960’s counter culture and peace movement, and they had their own, hip, unique sound. Wonderful vocalists, musicians and songwriters.— PETE SEARS

They were every bit as equal as men in every respect. They were just ahead of their time.— BARRY "THE FISH" MELTON

Wow, best girl band i'v ever seen. This certainly deserves millions of views. —JIMBO J.

It's no wonder that Jefferson Airplane invited AoC to sing on their 'Volunteers' album! —R. Nation

This band is just straight up cool. They have the ideals, sound, look, and spirit of those times. And it looks like they’ve still got it!—Kate D.

As a music aficionado this band (The Ace Of Cups) is awesome. Should have been signed! Listening to this clip those that understand the various tones, the way the tune is carried and such can definitely hear the the melodic language of.....The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Doors, Quicksilver and such.....I love this sound.....a joy to hear. ROCK ON!— DENNIS T.

These ladies kick ageism’s ass! So timely to have such an inspiring story about what’s possible at any age. I love how their journey has come full circle. It’s about time!— RACHEL A.

I am so excited for the reemergence of the Cups onto the music scene. I keep listening to the singles over and over! —PEARL D.

Majestic but gritty, The Cups transcend their femaleness to actually melt ears with talent. So much respect for the quality of their jams. —Peter B.